China, the Nation Eater !!!

Communist and china both are inseparable.


Suppose Britain refused to give independence to India. Tibet would have been an independent country as Britain never failed to meet her treaty obligations. There would have been no borders with China at all. Suppose Gandhi did not impose Nehru as the first Prime Minister and allowed the elected Patel, to be the first Prime Minister. Then also India would have saved Tibet from Chinese occupation. After all, China under Mao was not strong to meet the Indian army then.

But India betrayed Tibet, announced more vehemently than even China, that Tibet was part of China and championed the inclusion of China as a permanent member of the UN Security Council with veto power, made Indians sing Hindi-Chini Bhai bhai, sowing the seeds of contempt for Indians among the Chinese.

The mental track of contempt for Indians has become permanent, and the new Modi phenomenon of a courageous India has become really intolerable for the Chinese today. The Chinese must be definite that a more firm aggression will bring India again to bow. China has developed the habit of behaving like a hunter, hunting countries by debt trapping, honey trapping the weak prime ministers, bribing the corrupt in the targeted nations, and its success has reinforced its appetite.

It is lunacy to believe that China will abide by any agreement. The only solution is to recognize the Dalai Lama as the head of independent Tibet. All border agreements shall be entered into with that Dalai Lama’s Government.

Otherwise there will be more freak phenomenon, Nepal hostile and ready to war with India,Sri Lanka hostile, may be Bangla Desh too threatening India,a coward gets increasing numbers of enemies. Very small nations are feeling free to threaten India.

Covid 19 has destroyed most economies. India can try reorganization without any contact with China. After all the only problem for many countries that they are debt trapped by china. India shall encourage them to claim damages from China and repudiate the debt into which they are trapped.

The urgent step is to recognize Tibet as an independent Country. Otherwise,we have to live with China, which changes borders continuously, creating the war of attrition.

 Courtesy:- Yeddanapudim


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Akram Shah 5 days ago

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