The Kaleidoscope Manifestations of Understanding

Life is continuously experiencing understanding.
- Yeddanapudim

Life is continuously experiencing understanding. Originally nature intended understanding as a flow of symbiotic feelings and emotions, as the common experience of all life forms. Feelings and emotions as continuous experience was the basic property of understanding. Every life form exhaled messages and inhaled messages as smells from the air. The organisms did not struggle to understand. They breathed understanding continuously. And understanding was breathing and living. The Goddess Gaia, understood as the understanding smells laden winds.

The connecting concept bases of understanding were smells. Every smell generated many responsive smells. The flow of smells defied, analysis, classifications and static definitions, as nature changed continuously, and understanding was keeping pace with the changes of nature. Organisms too mutated, changing the smell based concept bases. And no understanding was bound to a single connecting concept base. The physical body of each organism participated and experienced understanding, totally by breathing which changed into emotions, which changed into hormones, in the internal communication of each organism’s body. Understanding then was not the monopoly of the Brain which indulges in the Cartesian, cause and effect classification. It was experience where every cell participated.

To many Jews awaiting extermination in Hitler’s camps, freedom became the non-existent utopia. Similarly today, understanding as the common revelatory experience of bliss, is being written off as not proved scientifically, which means mechanically.Today,all scientific findings need the approval of computers.

These are the days, where even our minds are evicted from understanding by following the Cartesian logic. Now Computers do the understanding, and AI with Robots is taking over. We are in the Techno trance, and we do not realize that we are getting exterminated along with the nature which we are exterminating by economics. The forests are exterminated along with the Biospheres in them, but the suited and booted,Bhasmasuras,called scientists today, the CEOs etc take us to the world of the feelings-less econometirics,calculating the rates of economic growth etc.The hold of the Techno trance is so strong,that even we, the 80 plus tribe, want to science away or mechanize away understanding without feeling.

Economics has already become the science which studies the lives of Robots and human beings taken over by Robots.

Dayalshankar Giri

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