An Overview of Hydraulically Reversible Plough

Learn about agriculture machine reversible plough. Why this machine is favourite to the farmer. See its features and specifications here.

Plough, A tuff machine that is made to destroy the deep roots. When there is a need like rearranging and breaking the hard soil, plough comes in play. Plough is known as one of the best primary tillage equipment that helps farmers to complete the hard work such as up-root all types of weeds, debris and crop scraps and sets them below the soil that makes the field more fertile for crops. there are various types of plough available in the farm equipment market but for hard soil, farmers prefer MB plough. These ploughs are falls in categories of the special hardened mould-board plough.


Working of Reversible MB Plough


When the tuff work needs to complete then the Hydraulically reversible MB plough comes in view. Hydraulically reversible MB plough guarantees the permeated nutrients and mist below reach the topsoil for initial decay of plants and opens the sub-surface soil to daylight which kills unhealthy bacteria, fungi. These type of plough work well with the high power tractors. A simple plough doesn't provide the variation plough but with the help of reversible plough, any kind of curvature angle can be achieved. This feature makes this plough types more useful than others. Let's learn about more features of the plough


Working Video

Features of Reversible MB plough


Check out the best features of hydraulically reversible MB plough that make this farm machinery unique than others.


1. Robust thick-walled Box Division frame.

2. Body extension provides pairs of 2-3 mould boards. 

3. Angle adjustment.

4. Axle housing tube.

5. Outline of a shear bolt.

6. The under-frame clearance is adequate to cope with trashy conditions.

7. Decent turn over the device.

8. With shock-absorbing shaft make it more durable


Advantages of hydraulically reversible MB plough


There are multiple advantages using reversible MB plough for primary tillage operations. Reversible plough's strong thick-walled box segment frame provides a solid foundation and body frame can be enlarged to take an extra pair of ploughs. No risk for blockages when breaking in residue fields. Enables the opportunity for changing the curvature angle that put less stress on the tractor. 


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