voice recognition

As things are changing now, we may consider the future of voice recognition more bright, so let's create a demo voice recognition html demo


There are many voice recognition tools and libraries available for web development like google voice API and azure speech services.

There are many online tutorials and videos available for quick demo as well, so instead of creating some demo, I'm gonna put all those links here which I found useful, so if anyone needed they can go through here.

Here are the ref-

AI Powered Voice Bots with Natural Language Processing | Ozonetel

GitHub - girliemac/web-speech-ai: Simple AI Chat Bot Demo with Web Speech API

Building A Simple AI Chatbot With Web Speech API And Node.js — Smashing Magazine

Automatic Speech Recognition - An Overview - YouTube

I Coded A Voice Recognition App That Hates Me - YouTube

JavaScript Speech Recognition

GitHub - TalAter/SpeechKITT: 🗣 A flexible GUI for Speech Recognition

Web Speech API - Web APIs | MDN


I Hope, this will help someone someday!