Scientific Explanation of Karnavedhana Sanskar (Ear-piercing of child)

This article explains the science behind Karnavedhana sanskar and the benefits of ear-piercing with scientific proofs


Scientific aspects of Karnavedhana Sanskar (ear piercing of child)

This sanskar is performed on an auspicious muhurta between 3rd to 8th month of child's birth according to different Ayurveda Acharya and Grihya sutra.

Now a days, this sanskar is considered only for ornamental purpose, but you will be surprised to know that it gives protection too.

This sanskar is performed by piercing in the middle of karnapeetha (exists on ear lobe), the area slightly towards cheeks. This area has thinner skin and has maximum translucency from light source making piercing process easier.

In the male child, the right ear should be pierced first. As right side of body governs more masculine aspects of our personality.

While in female child, first piercing should be done in left ear, which controls the feminine aspect of our personality.

This is followed by pichuvarti (cotton wick soaked in medicine).

Now, let's discuss science behind it...

1. Injury produced by piercing the ear initiate antigen-antibody reaction providing active immunity to the child. A scientific report demonstrated that ear piercing is a quick procedure, which triggers the cascade of immune actions in the body.

2. Ear lobe which is pierced, normally contains many nerve endings and thus blood supply is thought to be for helping us maintain our balance. According to Ayurveda, energy or pressure points in ears are connected to different organs and whole body.

3. Ear piercing improves listening capacity and eye sight of child. A scientific report showed that the position where ear is pierced has master sensorial point which controls cerebral cortex area of parietal, occipital and temporal lobe.

4. Ear piercing is also responsible for intellectual development of child. A scientific report showed that the position where ear is pierced has master cerebral point which is associated with prefrontal lobe of brain. It is involved in functions like memory, attention, planning, problem solving decision making.

5. The ear lobe has an important point for reproductive health. So, piercing of ear maintains regularity in menstrual cycle. It is supported by Father of Western medicine, Hippocrates.

6. The ear lobe has point to improve digestion, because ear piercing stimulates vagus nerve, which is associated with digestive tract helps in increasing appetite which is important for child's growth.

Moreover, Auricular acupuncture prevents from various diseases such as insomnia, paralysis, hysteria, obsessive compulsive disorder.