💡 Inner Compass is that invisible screen which flashes 3 pearly words 'DO IT NOW' and they are the golden answ

🎯 Lesson: Those who navigate from within the core of their inner being are the most successful & happy of the lot. Clear up the emotional & physical clutter, & have a definite vision; vision is not only a cause for belief but also a result too.

👉 We must remember that a relationship with our self must be nurtured in the same way as any other relationship.
👉 Realigning the inner navigation guide is finding holding the vision of life. This vision leads us on the course to find life. In order to find orientation in the form of a vision you need to completely surrender to the Higher Self.
👉 This sublime GPS gizmo should be consulted frequently only then it will serve as a reliable guide
👉 Pivot your compass positively by affirming answers to questions like: Who am I? What do I stand for? What is my goal? What is my philosophy?
👉 Identify two to three positive traits that you want to manifest in reality. These traits will help you anchor you to the moral axis with renewed energy.

Dayalshankar Giri

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