Trees support us all our lives!

I remember a trip to Shanti Niketan in Bengal where Gurudev Ravindranath Tagore used to teach students in such beautiful and peaceful natural atmosphere. Therefore love trees, plant more trees and take care of trees. Trees are important in so many ways. They are culturally important, and t

Trees are much senior to us as they are older than us. Trees have seen more life than we have! The oldest trees are thousands of years old, and recognizing this fact reminds us that we should make the most of every second of our own lives on earth. They keep the air clean. Trees suck carbon dioxide out of the air and release oxygen in its place. They are vital for keeping the air clean and healthy for us, and for combatting global warming.

Trees help in holding soil in place. Tree roots hold the soil of hills or fields in place and prevent it from being blown away by the wind. When trees are cut down, an area can quickly become a windswept desert. Providing shade. On a hot day, there is nothing better than the cool shade of a tree.

Imagine staying in treehouses! Building a treehouse is one of the most wonderful things to do with your kids. Furniture, homes and toys. Wood has been used for centuries to make everything from houses to rocking horses. When purchasing anything wooden it is vital to do so sparingly and to source wood only from sustainable forests: we must save the trees!

Trees provide food. Coconuts, mangoes, jackfruits, guavas, oranges hazelnuts, apples, cherries and pears are just some of the delicious foods that come from trees. Mystery. Fairy-tale forests are a source of wonder and mystery to people of all ages throughout the world. Biodiversity us preserved from the small mammals that live in tree trunks to the birds that nest in their branches, plenty of other species depend on trees to live. They provide us beauty as trees are, quite simply, beautiful to look at tall, dark and handsome always

They preserve the soil quality. Fallen leaves from trees turn into mulch which makes the soil of the forest floor full of vital minerals and other nutrients for other plants and animals to thrive in. They too help in preventing flooding. The tree and its roots form a physical barrier to water runoff and stop the soil being washed away by floods. Further, the tree roots also suck water up from the soil and help to prevent flooding.

Trees provide shelter from the wind. Trees form a natural barrier against wind. Forests help to stop winds sweeping through the neighborhood, gaining speed and becoming devastating! and also protection in thunderstorms. In a thunderstorm, it is important that you are not the highest thing on the landscape – or the lightening will pick you as its route to the ground! Tall trees have saved many people’s lives in this way, by sacrificing themselves.

It is always fun to climb on trees since childhood we enjoyed this sport. Then playing on the piles of leaves and from the trees we used to jump on the piles of crunchy leaves are so much fun to jump in! It is so much fun to have those lovely bonfire parties. Throughout many parts of the world, people burn dead tree branches in bonfires. The yellow flames become a focal point around which people gather together and share food, drink and laughter.

Trees provides timber and fuel. Wood has been used as fuel for centuries. But, again, if you are planning on using wood as fuel, make sure to source it only from sustainable forests or or better still to gather dead wood from the forest floor. Further, you should the legality of such acts. A place to sit. A fallen tree trunk is a great place to sit and have a picnic.

Trees help in bringing nature closer to us. From the forest to the tree-lined streets of the inner city, even a single tree has the power to make us acknowledge our relationship to nature. They are food for animals. Deer eat the bark from trees, wasps make their nests from chewed up wood pulp plenty of animals eat trees somehow although in the wasps’ case they spit it out again!.

Important trees like rubber. Rubber comes from trees, as does coconut oil and palm oil. Again, it is important to source this sustainably. Some trees like sandalwood also provide perfume as well as spices like cinnamon is just one example of an aromatic spice that is vital in the kitchen, and that is derived from trees. They are our perfect reading spots. When you want to read a good book, what better place to sit than with your back against the trunk of a tree, taking in the beauty of nature?

Think about travel and exploration. It was in boats made from wood that people first explored the seven seas. Also our clothing is made up of trees pulp. Bamboo and other trees provide the fibers that make up many of our garments and sitting matting. Again, bamboo is a big source of matting material.

Emblems and symbols are created from trees. Planting a tree is a great way to commemorate an anniversary or a birthday. Fun activities for kids are all around the trees. Counting the rings on fallen branches to find a tree’s age, or placing bird boxes in the branches to encourage brightly colored new birds to visit your garden, are great ways to educate your kids.

Animal bedding is the important function. Sawdust from trees used to be used on the floors of bars and now it is used for bedding for pets like hamsters or guinea pigs. Jewelry. Wooden bangles or necklaces made from wooden beads are beautiful examples of jewelry made from trees. The rain-forest canopy. Rain-forest canopy, an essential source of biodiversity, creates a humid microclimate where many organisms thrive.

Water quality is maintained by trees. Mangroves and other trees that grow near water are essential for maintaining water quality. Cosmetics oils such as coconut oil or avocado oil come from trees. A place to hide. Get away from it all in the branches of a tree. Showing you care. Caring for trees is a way of cultivating your empathy and your nurturing instincts.

A small business can be started by creating an orchard is a great way to provide for yourself and your family. Caring for future generations. Contributing to reforestation projects is a great way to help future generations of human beings. Sublimity. The majesty of trees puts things in perspective for us! The discovery of gravity was also done famously, by Isaac Newton is said to have discovered gravity when an apple fell on his head.

Alcoholic beverages cider wines and vinegar, apples are used to make cider, for example – and there are pear varieties too. Natural boundaries for the forests often provide natural boundaries for villages, farms or even whole towns. Inner peace. Contemplating the beauty of a tree – or even hugging one – fills the mind with tranquility. A sense of aspiration. Watching trees grow towards the sky inspires us to achieve our own goals too.

Trees run the cycles of life. Watching trees grow and lose their leaves with the seasons gives us time to ponder on the cycles of growth and rebirth in our own lives. Permanence. Evergreen trees reassure us that many things in life are there to stay. A source of poetry. Trees have inspired music, poetry, and more we all find our peace of mind and get creative juices flowing under a tree. It is a great to gather. Trees are landmarks places to gather and meet people. I remember a trip to Shanti Niketan in Bengal where Gurudev Ravindranath Tagore used to teach students in such beautiful and peaceful natural atmosphere. Therefore love trees, plant more trees and take care of trees. Trees are important in so many ways. They are culturally important, and they are practically important as they provide us with food, cosmetics, perfumes, fuel and more. It is essential to care for trees as they keep our planet healthy! 

Dayalshankar Giri

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