About Windmill Fighters

Continuing Quixotic knight errantry.

About 400 years ago, Cervantes penned the much translated Spanish novel around the character of Don Quixote. In the comedy therein, Don Quixote tasks himself to revive chivalry through the largely fictional practice of knight-errantry. He duly picks a lady (a prostitute) and a squire, as is appropriate for knights, and leaves his home and his community to seek knightly adventures - often challenging and fighting forces far more powerful and beaten hapless. The Windmill scene occurs in this setting.  

With his squire, the Don attacks some windmills in the fields believing them to be ferocious giants. This comic scene nevertheless strikes a powerful timeless message - one should stand for one's beliefs, should fight for what one believes to be right and do everything in his power to secure what one believes to be just.

Windmill Fighters are the ones who take live this message. We believe that the society can be wrong; that the government often is; that friends, family and even common sense can err; but their circular assertions and dissuading jibes cannot, and will not stop one from taking the right action.

Today, windmill fighters need to organise, for the evils they face will take more than mere good intentions to be defeated. One sole knight, with one devoted squire no longer suffice. Nor is the sword our weapon of choice. But we do believe it isn't to late to change, whatever needs to be changed.

We believe. We act. We change things.


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