Six Symptoms of Surrender to Lord Krishna

Srila Prabhupada writes about the six symptoms of surrender.

When a person becomes firmly convinced about the importance of devotional service, he surrenders unto the Supreme Lord. There are six symptoms of surrender:

One should perform only those actions favorable for devotional service to Krsna.

One should give up everything unfavorable for discharging devotional service.

One should firmly believe that Krsna will protect one in all circumstances and that no one is a better protector than Krsna. This conviction should be distinct from the monistic philosophy that one is as good as Krsna. Rather, one should always think that Krsna, or God, is great and that one is always protected by Him.

One should have the conviction that Krsna is one's maintainer. 

One should always remember that one's activities and desires are not independent. In other words, the devotee should feel completely dependent on Krsna, and thus he should act and think as Krsna desires.

One should always think himself the poorest of the poor and feel totally dependent on the mercy of Krsna.

A devotee who follows these six principles of surrender always thinks, "O Lord, I am Yours in every respect; I am Your eternal servant." In this way a pure devotee becomes cleansed. There is a nice verse in this connection in the Srimad-Bhagavatam (11.29.34):

martyo yada tyakta-samasta-karma niveditatma vicikirsito me

tadamrtatvam pratipadyamano mayatma-bhuyaya ca kalpate vai

"A person who gives up all fruitive activities and offers himself entirely unto Me, eagerly desiring to render service unto Me, achieves liberation from birth and death and is promoted to the status of sharing My own opulences." To be elevated to such a point of devotional life, one has to execute the directions of the scriptures. But even after becoming elevated in devotional life, one should not think, "Oh, I am already elevated to the highest stage; therefore I may violate the scriptural regulations for executing devotional service."

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