Verified Account Policy

All Users are valuable as well as their voices. Just like any other social media platform, verification is determined typically accounts maintained by users in Music, columnist or freelance writer (Newspaper or magazine), Acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, social works, media, sports, business, social media influencer and other key areas. We are Swadeshi but just like any other platform, it is not possible to provide “Verified badges” to all users. You really need not to be a celebrity to get the “Badge”, neither you need large number of followers, If you are not recognized in any other Social media platform, here is your chance, In squeaks you can start writing/posting your “best” and based on your contribution, we promise to recognize you with “Verified” badges.
You can Apply for a verified badge. If you meet the following conditions on your Squeaks Account. User need to meet either one criteria. No verification will be accepted without meeting the listed terms below.
1. You are a well known Social Media influencer.
2.You are in an important position in the government or opposition
3.You are a TV and a news panelist
4.You are an official Spokesperson of any political party or known organization
Apart from listed conditions above, here are all other verification criteria for all general accounts. User need to meet either one criteria.
1.If you are already verified on Twitter or Facebook or both.
2.You are a newsworthy person who is in the news for some social work, medical work, or political work. For Social workers: need to provide registration details of the NGO they own. Non registered organization are not eligible for immediate verified badges. Its also applicable on Animal rights welfare.
3.You must have your own active blog or registered website outside of Squeaks. For Blogs writer, their personal blogs should not be inactive more than 3 months, also Bloggers are expected to write on Squeaks platform too for minimum 6 months to be eligible for “Verified” badge
4.At least 03 news Articles written in any known news media or online known blog pages about you
5. Verification only is accepted for people from the following fields - Music, TV, Film, Fashion, Government, Politics, Religion, Journalism, Media, Sports, Business, Social workers & well known Social Media Influencer etc
6. If you are representing any wing of political party or Education institute and holding a position of president, secretary, spoke person- Request for verification badge should be made from the Political party or institution. Individual request wont be entertained.

If you meet all the above conditions you can tag/submit your verification to @SqueaksMedia with your all details & proof and Government Issued Photo ID.
Note: Note: Meeting all the above or any one of the criteria does not guarantee the “Verified badge”. Once you send a request our team will do a back ground check to verify your claim. Once we are satisfy we will provide you the update on verification. If you send verification request without meeting above conditions, your verification request will be rejected.
we may need to change these conditions from time to time in order to support our goal of promoting a healthy public conversation. The most current version is always available at